Fuel Your Body to Get STRONG

Are you giving your body the fuel it needs to get STRONG?  

When lifting and trying to gain strength many people will underestimate the need for carbohydrate. Back in the day and even still fitness magaziines are filled with articles and ads on protein powders and supplements. The fact is our muscles love to use carbohydrate for energy. Carbohydrates help make muscles bigger and fuller. The body can only utilize 20-30gms of protein at once. Have you ever noticed that just about every protein scooper for ANY brand is 30gm serving? Through out a day your body will synthesis the protein that it needs and you will excrete the rest through urine. Body builders would have the most expensive urine on earth. The reasons why CrossFitters MIGHT find some strength gains difficult is because they eat “healthier” or what they have been told to be “healthy”. Many will be on a paleo diet or similar BUT a bowl or rice or some rolled oats providing you DON’T have and gastro intestina reactions will be amazing for your strength!