Functional Fitness on the Gold Coast


At RAW Iron we believe functional fitness training improves your athletic performance, but more importantly your day to day quality of life. In our group classes and personal training sessions we abide by the following aspects of functional fitness:

RAW Iron training is INTERGRATED: It should include a variety of exercises that work on flexibility, core, balance, endurance, strength and power to keep our bodies challenged. Our bodies are designed to move - functional training focuses on training movement patterns which improve our day to day quality of life rather than isolating individual muscles. Think of squatting as getting up from a seated position, or deadlifting as picking up a heavy object off the ground. Isolation exercises which are typically found in your normal gym, such as leg extensions or hamstring curls, have no real equivalent in everyday life.

RAW Iron training is based around CORE ACTIVATION: In a good program, core activation should be involved in every exercise, and that doesn't just mean performing crunches rarther teaching the core to stabilise against external force, throughout an array of different movement patterns and body positions. Core stability is CRUCIAL for any sport, activity and to be functioning beings. 

RAW Iron training is PROGRESSIVE: Training should steadily increase the demands from workout to workout in a safe way. 

RAW Iron training is PERIODISED: The program/training should be varied throughout the year to achieve optimal results, for a competitive athlete peaking for competitions or races, for the every day individual building in recovery time.