Health and Fitness Goal Setting

Everyone sets health and fitness goals but do you know how to achieve them?

* BE SPECIFIC - set an exact outline of what you want to achieve and when, then DISPLAY it somewhere so you can be reminded everyday of what you're working towards.

* MAKE IT PUBLIC: Inform a RAW Iron coach of your goal so they can keep you on track and skew training/programming accordingly. This will also keep you accountable and make those difficult days a little bit easier with someone to keep you motivated.

* TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Keep a journal/diary online or in hardcover of your progress, whether this be sessions completed with specific weights, times, movements etc, a food diary of what you consumed...

* LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES: If something doesn't work, or isn't achieved - reflect and try again differently. Chat with a RAW IRON Coach to discuss the best plan of attack to achieve your goals successfully.

* MAKE ADJUSTMENTS WHEN NECESSARY: Just because a goal is written down or discussed doesn't mean it can't be changed, pay attention to your progress and make adjustments accordingly - the goal may have been too difficult or not difficult enough. Remember you're human and this is life - so don't be afraid to make adjustments on the fly.

Come and set your next health and fitness goal at RAW IRON functional training gym - let's get after it!