RAW IRON ATHLETES: Getting the Best out of Yourself

A few little characteristics to strive for which will allow you to get the best out of yourself in and out of the gym...

** KNOWING WHEN TO BE PATIENT AND WHEN TO BE IMPATIENT: Everyone wants instant results however if that was the case we would all be headed to the CrossFit Games overnight. BE PATIENT + CONSISTENT - Trust the process. Stick with your training, stick with your nutrition, stick with your recovery plan, even when the results aren't as obvious you will reap the rewards in the long run. Trust the programming and trust your coaches they know what is best for you.

** HOLDING YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE: Some days you'd rather be lounging around than training, it's these days that will make you better. Get in the gym - train to the best of your ability for that day and continue on your journey. 

** LOVE WHAT YOU DO: If you don't love it then what's the point? This makes the daily grind, the early morning wake ups, the painful conditioning pieces a whole lot easier!

** SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD PEOPLE: Surround yourself with a support system of good training partners, family, and friends. These people respect what you do, know why you do it and will push you to be your best.