RAW IRON Ashmore Fitness Community

Despite the well known CrossFit philosophy that we “specialise in not specialising” we want to encourage those RAW IRON members who enjoy competing or trying new things to get out there and give various events, sports and competitions a try.

Keep your eye out for updates on the RAW IRON site and Facebook page as we look to put beginner and advanced teams and beginner and advanced individuals in various competitions and events - not just CrossFit, we are looking at Olympic lifting competitions (remember RAW IRON BARBELL is a registered  QLD weightlifting club), Spartan races, powerlifting competitions, half marathons, 10km events, triathlons and whatever else we can find.

Why you ask? Why not we say. It's always great to try something new, see how our fucntional/CrossFit training translates to other areas and ,most importantly, test ourselves against... ourselves.