The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Open

The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Open kicks off this Friday. The Open is a worldwide test of fitness - one workout per week over five weeks performed at your affiliate. Last year there were 200,00 + from around the Globe who participated in this competition, from this pool the top 30 were selected from each Region to compete at Regionals, and from here the top 5 are selected to compete at the Reebok Crossfit Games in Carson, California. But those individuals are the tiniest percentage of those who actually participate in the Open - for the majority the Open is an exciting and challenging way to test your fitness and have some fun seeing where you stack up around the globe. There are options to participate in the RXD category or complete some workouts as Scaled. 

Participating in this event is 100% optional, however this event is a great way to see the CrossFit community on a wider scale and push yourself against others around the World. The Open runs from February 25th - March 28th - five workouts over five weeks. On Friday afternoons we will be performing some light movements and practising strategy on Saturday we will perform the Open WODs.

In order to participate head to and create an account, if you participated last year you can log-in with your previous details. It will ask you for some general information and also to select your affiliate and team - 'CrossFit RI.' Each week on completion of the workout you will log your score through this portal and then you can find yourself on the leaderboard.

Remember this is a FUN event, and gives you something to train for and goals for 2016 and beyond. Participation is completely optional however if you have basic skills then we encourage you to participate.