Tips for Increasing General Health

We all know the basis for good health is general exercise (a combination of interval based cardio and weight training) and a solid diet. Here are a few other factors that come into play:

Keep it Clean: To leave your body feeling amazing the key is to keep your nutrition CLEAN with high quality foods. Aim to get rid of the protein powders and get your protein from food, remove caffeine, grains, wines etc.

Invest in a Good Green Supplement: Greens and salads along with lean meats should form the basis of your lunches and dinners. For snacks and to sip on throughout the day invest in a good greens supplements and let’s OD on all those amazing nutrients. For breakfast put some blueberries, an egg and your greens in the blender – everything your body needs in a completely clean way.

Sleep Quality: To keep the body functioning optimally and feeling great we also need to ensure high quality sleep. Plan your day to allow you to unwind 60 minutes before sleep time, no phone, no tv etc. Invest in a good magnesium supplement to aid this process - we recommend Natural calm, if you're interested in purchasing this send us an email.

Try something different: Start taking some time out for yourself, try a yoga class, download a meditation app on your phone, go for a long walk twice a week and limit high intensity style sessions to 4 times a week to keep the stress levels down.