Welcome Emma Ferrante


We would like to welcome Emma Ferrante to the RAW IRON coaching team. Emma has over six years experience in the fitness industry, and comes to us with an armour of skills and qualifications, aswell as being a great athlete - we are extremely lucky to have her onboard. 

* Degree in Exercise and Sports Science
* Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness
* CrossFit Level One
* CrossFit Strongman Trainer

* Back Squat: 100kg
* Clean and Jerk: 85kg
* Overhead Squat: 80kg
* Deadlift: 130kg
* Snatch: 55kg
* Fran: 3.44
* Helen: 8.57
* Grace: 1.42
* 2015 Open finish: 152, with a 31st finish in WOD 1/1A.