Come and join Team RAW IRON for the MOTHERS DAY BREAST CANCER RUN on SUNDAY 8th of MAY. Options to enter the 8km run or walk, or a 4km run or walk. Jump on and register under RAW IRON team. Password is: I... Read More
I'm lost, the CrossFit Open is over and I don't know what to do with myself - the endless leader boarding, fear and anticipation of the live announcements (along with trying to guess Castro's poor clues), community and mateship and personal bests.. I will miss it all! Now that the 2016... Read More
We all know the basis for good health is general exercise (a combination of interval based cardio and weight training) and a solid diet. Here are a few other factors that come into play: Keep it Clean: To leave your body feeling amazing the... Read More
It's time to take control of your fitness - RAW Iron is a functional training gym in Ashmore which offers a variety of programs within a community setting. * CrossFit classes: a class consists of strength, skill, and conditioning components.* Barbell training: a... Read More
Sara’s Story January 17th 2016   Read More
Your Story, Day One. “it’s not our abilities that show what we... Read More
The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Open kicks off this Friday. The Open is a worldwide test of fitness - one workout per week over five weeks performed at your affiliate. Last year there were 200,00 + from around the Globe who participated in this competition, from this pool the top 30 were selected... Read More